The Rise of Vomit Art

You’d recognize what “vomit art” is, even if you’ve never heard those words together before. The term arose from social media quite recently to refer to a certain style of vintage kitsch. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s

“A mid-century trend where it was fashionable to suspend pieces of rocks and glass in color resin, often made into mantlepiece clocks. The result looks like regurgitated gelatin salad full of fruit bits. The term ‘vomit clock’ came into popularity on a thrift store Facebook page. Any other object made this way can be called ‘vomit.’”

But it’s not just rocks and glass. You also see examples with shells, insects, or bits of food such as corn enshrined in resin. An article at Par To Perfect looks at the resurgence in popularity of such objects, but it’s not clear whether people want them because they honestly like them, or they just want to make everything else they own look better by comparison. It could be that no one is actually buying vomit art; they could be just taking pictures in thrift shops to share on the internet. -via Metafilter